Well Being understood

Martin Seligman, one of the pioneers of Positive Psychology, gave 5 pillars of psychological Well being. Positive Emotion- Feeling good and remaining optimistic. Being Kind, showing gratitude, instilling hope, and being content are some of the positive emotions that one should make a part of their living.Engagement: Being in Flow. Immersing yourself in the activities,... Continue Reading →

Distance education for ADHD, ASD, LD

Children with ADHD, ASD and LD often forget during summer break what they learn in the school. This is referred to as 'Slump'. Researchers are afraid that with the ongoing distance education, children may well experience this slump. Northwest Evaluation Association suggests that students who do not receive sustained instruction during the coronavirus school shutdown... Continue Reading →

Lockdown 3.0- dealing with children’s challenges

Following these ways, you can understand and care for your child during the third phase of lockdown. Notice the ChangesNotice if there is any change in their routine- sleeping pattern, diet, greeting or communicating with people, mood shifts, bodily symptoms, etc.Accept with open armsNormalize the situation and help them accept the situation as it is.... Continue Reading →

Trouble sleeping? This may help

id-work via Getty Images Bed Confusion Bed confusion is when your body fails to associate your bed with going to sleep. This typically stems from doing too many activities in your bed that are not directly related to sleep. Whether it’s reading, doing a crossword puzzle, having a late-night snack, or surfing your favorite social... Continue Reading →

Laugh Out Loud!

Sad faces, serious talks, irritated moods... this is all that we are encountering these days. Amid lockdown, it is hard to find out a 'LOL' moment during the day. Misery loves company. This is what exactly we are living these days- one sad moment, and we make sure to remain sad the rest of the... Continue Reading →

Do not blame the lockdown!

Social distancing and lockdown are indeed making us feel lonelier than ever. But hold on! It is not just the lockdown. Our personality traits may also be equally responsible! One of such traits is Perfectionism. It is defined as a personality trait characterized by a person's striving for flawlessness and setting high performance standards, accompanied... Continue Reading →

Take it right: COVID-19

Media is what we make it. During the times of disaster, media can either help you to survive, or can heighten your fears. During tough times, it is essential to understand which information is authentic and which one would make it more difficult for us. Dear readers, please make sure that you watch authentic news... Continue Reading →

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